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Digital Marketing Strategy

As much as the world has been ‘online’ for years, that doesn’t mean that we instantly know what to do online for the best ROI. eightyfour helps small business owners define their strategy and how they resource its execution. Including general digital marketing strategy, social media, content, influencer, website SEO, email, online advertising and general small business operational strategy.

If part of the strategy is finding someone to run your day-to-day social media marketing, I can help you tailor a job spec according to your company needs. 

Social Media Marketing

New to social? We plan your social marketing with you, we can execute the plan and optimise as we go.

Existing social presence? We start by auditing your digital marketing and social media existing activities. It’s a really healthy process to go through. More often than not, one thinks they are on the ROI road – and frankly one is not or getting the best value. It is super important for small businesses with little budgets to ensure they are getting their best bang for buck, pound or euro!

Social media is now a common position inside a business. With our Social Media Audit, we will analyse the performance of what your team is doing, working with them to improve their performance, deliver on goals and maintain best practice standards for the fast-paced and ever-changing environment of social media.


Coaching + Consulting

Whether it’s you or someone in your team that needs some coaching and consulting around social media, communications planning, copywriting, creating marketing strategic plans or executing on it, eightyfour marketing can help. We work with small businesses to upskill their marketing bandwidth. From channels to content, we provide ‘as and when’ support that is tailored to boosting business success.

PR + Comms

We develop and write content for internal and external communications including online, print and email to strengthen communication among employees, clients, brands, products and services.  We can look at your messaging and find new ways of making language work better for you.


Email Marketing

This is still one of the biggest converters of all the marketing channels out there! We help you tailor engaging content that your audience will enjoy, and ultimately engage with. Using social media campaigns, we help you build an effective and qualified email database. We then work to develop regular email campaigns that target your audience, providing content and sales promotions that resonate and inspire your audience to further interact with your brand.

Copywriting and Content Creation

We write and write some more. We offer basic social media graphic execution and work with you to find the right partners to create more technical content such as video, infographics. We’re lucky to have a network or like-minded people that offer skills in this space. We can create copy for websites, social media, emails, downloadables, ebooks, blogs etc.


Social Media Advertising

Advertising is a sure-fire solution to cut through the masses of information that is on the Internet, getting the right content in front of the right people; making the market aware of your services and products. At eightyfour we specialise in developing social media content – specifically Facebook and Instagram campaigns – for the purpose of advertising, taking into account not just the message you want people to see but also the context of how people will consume your content.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Just like our Social Media Audit, we take a look at your website’s Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and report back what you can do to improve it. Some of it may be content specific, other quite technical. We can help get your business improve its position organically and work with you and your team to improve your search ranking and overall online experience.


Influencer Marketing

Through research and understanding of online channels and influencers in your industry, we can help you define your influencer strategy and how to connect with potential collaboration partners. People buy from people. We have seen the rise of influencer marketing taking shape over the last few years – it used to just be celebs leading the charge, but with social media platforms as the world’s stage, people – regardless of who they are or where they came from – are creating audiences, connecting with their followers and sharing their experience more and more, and companies are working with them to share their products and offering – jump on board!

Event Management

You can’t beat a bit of face-to-face connection. In a world where everyone and every business is online, creating opportunities to connect with customers and building relationships, in person, is more key than ever. A balance of in-real-life (IRL) and online (URL) is paramount for any business!

Eightyfour is experienced in project managing, promoting and running engaging events that connect with people and support digital and other marketing activity.


Find out how eightyfour Marketing can support you, guide you and help you build skillset.

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